Using AASHTOWare Projectto Meet Federal Requirements

Leveraging fund tracking to streamline compliance

  Thursday, January 19
 2:00 pm ET

AASHTOWare Project helps agencies maximize fund usage and meet federal expectations through its fund tracking capabilities. In this upcoming live webinar, we'll review how to get the most out of your funding setup in AASHTOWare Project.


Topics will include:


  • Funding set-ups in AASHTOWare Preconstruction, from simple to complex
  • Understanding the transfer of item, category, and project data in each phase of the project
  • Leveraging the flexibility to change funding and innovative bidding options


Infotech Experts Peggy Leight and Linsey Guertin will be joined by the Ohio Department of Transportation's Janet Treadway, who will walk through examples of Ohio's own detailed funding set-up. At the end of the webinar, attendees are encouraged to ask questions and discuss their own best practices.


All registrants will receive a summary of the Q&A sheet as a follow-up to the webinar. Secure your spot today!



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